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garage door butlerThe Garage Butler®
is a patented, universal, automatic door closer that easily attaches to your existing garage door opener.  Easy to install and affordable, the Garage Butler® is a must for every home with a garage door opener.

It gives you piece of mind knowing that if you accidently leave your garage door open the "Butler" will close it for you, 24 hours a day.

If the garage door is left open the Butler will wait 3-10-20-30-45 or 60 minutes and then attempt to close the garage door.  Works with all manufacturers, and all reversing safety mechanisms.

Garage Butler's patented light sensor feature provides an almost failsafe back up in case you forget to close the door after you have pressed the hold button.

45% of all residential burgleries occurred from an open garage door.  Stop thieves in their track with your new best friend the Garage Butler® Automatic Door Closer.
On Sale for $54.95

  • Works with all current opener safety features.
  • Easy installation - attaches to your current opener wall button.
  • Timer: 3-10-20-30-45 or 60 minutes, then will close the garage door.
  • Light sensor: Closes the garage door when it gets dark.
  • Hold button, allows you to bypass the timer and keep the garage door open, then if it gets dark the garage door will close. You can turn the butler off if you want the door to remain open permanently.
  • Audible alert: After the chosen period of time, it will beep for 30 seconds alerting you to the fact that it is about to close the garage door.
  • ON/OFF button giving you complete control of your garage door.
  • Manual open/close button.
  • Double sided mounting tape. No holes to drill to install the unit.
  • UL Approved power source.
The Garage Butler gives you added security!
Every homeowner from time to time leaves their garage door open by mistake, leaving their garage and home exposed. Every home should have a butler!
Your Garage Butler® can be installed with just a few common household tools and comes with an easy to follow installation booklet.

This add-on device completes any homes security. This small investment can save thousands of dollars in property loss and physical harm.
On Sale for $54.95

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