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Garage Door Weight Calculator

Official Color Codes for Torsion and Extension Springs

Guidelines for Connecting a Drawbar Operator to a Sectional Garage Door

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Garage Door Torsion Spring Installation Instructions

Garage Door Extension Spring Installation Instructions

How to Replace Garage Door Rollers and Hinges.

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Priced per each spring.

25"x42" Extension Springs
These Garage Door Springs are normally used on 6'6" and 7' high garage doors.

Garage door springs for 7'6 and 8' high garage doors Click Here.
Garage door springs for 8'6 and 9' high garage doors Click Here.

Our garage door springs are manufactured from the finest quality oil tempered wire available.
All springs are stress relieved.
garage door spring
Garage Door Weight Spring Color Code Price
40 lbs BLUE$6.86 EachQty.
50 lbs RED$6.94 EachQty.
60 lbs BROWN$7.06 EachQty.
70 lbs ORANGE$7.12 EachQty.
80 lbs GOLD$7.52 EachQty.
90 lbs LIGHT BLUE$7.92 EachQty.
100 lbs TAN$8.32 EachQty.
110 lbs WHITE$9.76 EachQty.
120 lbs GREEN$10.72 EachQty.
130 lbs YELLOW$11.56 EachQty.
140 lbs BLUE$13.04 EachQty.
150 lbs RED$14.36 EachQty.
160 lbs BROWN$15.84 EachQty.
170 lbs ORANGE$16.84 EachQty.
180 lbs GOLD$17.82 EachQty.
190 lbs LT. BLUE$19.52 EachQty.
200 lbs TAN$20.92 EachQty.
210 lbs WHITE$24.48 EachQty.
220 lbs GREEN$25.56 EachQty.
230 lbs YELLOW$27.86 EachQty.
240 lbs BLUE$30.80 EachQty.
250 lbs RED$30.36 EachQty.
260 lbs BROWN$32.04 EachQty.
270 lbs ORANGE$31.34 EachQty.
280 lbs GOLD$35.58 EachQty.
290 lbs LT. BLUE$35.16 EachQty.
300 lbs TAN$38.80 EachQty.
310 lbs WHITE$38.14 EachQty.
320 lbs GREEN$41.30 EachQty.
340 lbs BLUE$43.02 EachQty.

Please contact us for any garage door springs not listed.
Springs for doors weighing over 200# are furnished with clipped ends for safety.

To determine the weight of your garage door, lift door to the fully open position and attach clamp to track below the bottom rollers to prevent door from lowering. Carefully remove tension completely from springs. With the help of an assistant, carefully lower the door onto a bathroom scale to obtain doors weight. If the weight of door you are weighing exceeds the capacity of your bathroom scale. Use two or more scales, then add the reading of each scale to obtain garage door's weight. Purchase replacement door spring and install.

  • Furnish wire size
  • Measure the inside diameter to the nearest 1/32"
  • Furnish Garage Door Springs length (Do not include loops in thismeasurement)
  • Specify type of door (Sectional or one piece)
EXAMPLE: .177 - 1 9/32" ID -25"


  • Furnish Garage Door Springs length.
  • Amount of stretch (Amount of stretch is half of the door height)
  • Furnish the TOTAL door weight
EXAMPLE 25"- 42"- 150#
Proper Handling ofGarage Door Springs:
  • It is important when handling springs to prevent any nicks orscrapes to the wire. Any small scrape or nick in the wire could result in premature spring failure.
  • Springs that are used in areas of high humidity should have a coating of oil or rust inhibitor.
  • Lift door completely and securely attach clamp to track below bottom rollers to prevent door from lowering, then remove garage door spring tension before attempting to service extension spring. Failure to remove tension before servicing garage door springs may result in injury or death.
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